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In an environment inspired by dramatic change and adhering to future technology, Nibe Limited is responsible for a range of business initiatives to fulfill its mission and to build its presence as a global organization.

With roots in three diverse yet interlocked business branches of Nibe Limited offers strategic products & related research advancement. The e-vehicals branch deals in the Design, Development, Manufacturing & Trading of E-vehicles and delivers the best in class eco-friendly E-bikes. Electricals, the Hardware & Software Development branch is the collaboration of technology & passion that delivers innovative solutions. BVM R & D Foundation is responsible for the Research and Development of advanced Lithium-ion Battery packs and solutions.

Each business branch thoroughly by implementing category strategies & deliver the best to achieve its goal of being recognized as a global organization.

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By combining the Innovative Technologies, Quality Materials, and Maximum Resources each business branch flourishes in its own sector to deliver active new products & related research advancements. The branches are responsible for delivering the best in class eco-friendly fully electronic motor & the research & development of the Lithium batteries that power them.


Nibe Defence Limited is a State of the Art, new Integrated Defence Components Manufacturing Plant in Chakan, Pune. The plant manufactures a wide spectrum of Critical Components catering to the Defence industry.



A Branch whose core is to be Eco-friendly and is responsible for the Design, Development, Manufacturing and Trading of feature-rich E-vehicles and delivering an on the go transport solution while being environment friendly


BVM R & D Foundation

BVM R & D Foundation is a department that works in the various segment for the research and development of Lithium-ion Battery packs and solutions to improve its performance & help it sustain a durable and long lifespan.


IT Services

India is on cusp of 5 Trillion economy, a truly transformed digital India in coming years. Consultancy envisages to be the go-to trusted Partner for public & private sector organizations involved intricately in this Digital India success driver.






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