BVM Reaserch center and Foundation

In-House R&D

In-House R&D Capabilities under “BVM Research Centre & Foundation” at Pune and following are the products developed by Nibe Motors.

Hybrid PCU: The Hybrid PCU has the option to connect to four different sources i.e. Grid power, Diesel PCU power & Solar PV energy with Lithium-ion battery pack. Diesel saving up to 50%, Maintenance cost savings up to 60%, Up to 50% lower CO2 emissions, less noise emissions.

EV Solution: We are in Battery operated electric vehicle like e-cycles e-scooters and e-rickshaws, also we have charging station solutions with solar.

All Types of Control Panels: We are in the designing and manufacturing of customised control panel solutions for various applications.

Rugged Mobile Handset: Rugged mobile handset with IP68 protection

Super Capacitor: Super Capacitor Technology which improves the battery life by 30% and this unique Technology is exclusively available with Nibe Motors. Super Capacitor is used for e-Scooter, e-Rickshaw & e-Car

Lithium-ion Battery: Lithium Cell (NMC) Certified by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) , Govt. of India

Lithium-Graphite Battery: under BIS Certification, planned availability within 6 months’ time frame

Lithium Graphite Graphite: The chemistry for the Lithium Graphite Graphite (LFP) is in the final stage of R&D, production plan by 2020. Lithium Graphite Graphite cell can reduce cost of Battery pack by approx. 40%, improves the charge density and life of Battery. Graphite batteries are easily disposable through our recycling process.

Patents & Certification

  • Regeneration Patent No: 201721027559 A
  • Product Patent e-Cycle-290054/59940
  • Product patent: TEMP/D1/6699/2017KOL
  • ARAI Certification for Scooter (SWING): ARAI/AED/CT/OC/1617-5350/583
  • ARAI Certification for Cycle: ARAI/AED/DT/OC-1617-5350/584
  • I-CAT Certification for e-Rickshaw Passenger (SAHASTRA)li-ion Based: CAN-B-0251.E01
  • I-CAT Certification for e-Rickshaw Passenger (SAHASTRA) Lead Acid Based: CAN-B-0251
  • I-CAT Certification for e-Rickshaw Loader (SAPPER) Li-ion & Lead Acid Based: CAN-B-0271
  • BIS Certification for Lithium-ion Cell : R-41089273
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