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In-House Research and Development

BVM Research Centre and Foundation, based in Pune, has in-house research and development capabilities that have developed the following products:

Hybrid PCU

The Hybrid PCU has the option to connect to four different sources i.e. Grid power, Diesel PCU power & Solar PV energy with Lithium-ion battery pack. Diesel saving up to 50%, Maintenance cost savings up to 60%, Up to 50% lower CO2 emissions, less noise emissions.

EV Solution

We are in Battery operated electric vehicle like e-cycles e-scooters and e-rickshaws, also we have charging station solutions with solar.

All Types of Control Panels

We are in the designing and manufacturing of customised control panel solutions for various applications.

Rugged Mobile Handset

Rugged mobile handset with IP68 protection

Super Capacitor

Super Capacitor Technology which improves the battery life by 30% and this unique Technology is exclusively available with Nibe Motors. Super Capacitor is used for e-Scooter, e-Rickshaw & e-Car

Lithium-ion Battery

Lithium Cell (NMC) Certified by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) , Govt. of India

Lithium-Graphite Battery

under BIS Certification, planned availability within 6 months’ time frame

Lithium Graphite Graphite

The chemistry for the Lithium Graphite Graphite (LFP) is in the final stage of R&D, production plan by 2020. Lithium Graphite Graphite cell can reduce cost of Battery pack by approx. 40%, improves the charge density and life of Battery. Graphite batteries are easily disposable through our recycling process.

Patents & Certification

Regeneration Patent No: 201721027559 A
Product Patent e-Cycle-290054/59940
Product patent: TEMP/D1/6699/2017KOL
ARAI Certification for Scooter (SWING): ARAI/AED/CT/OC/1617-5350/583
ARAI Certification for Cycle: ARAI/AED/DT/OC-1617-5350/584
I-CAT Certification for e-Rickshaw Passenger (SAHASTRA)li-ion Based: CAN-B-0251.E01
I-CAT Certification for e-Rickshaw Passenger (SAHASTRA) Lead Acid Based: CAN-B-0251
I-CAT Certification for e-Rickshaw Loader (SAPPER) Li-ion & Lead Acid Based: CAN-B-0271
BIS Certification for Lithium-ion Cell : R-41089273


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