Nibe E-Motors


Masterfully Designed E-Vehicles

We build reliable electric vehicles that are masterfully designed to attract appreciative glances as you ride along.

The Trust of Authenticity

In each e-vehicle, we use the authentic part that ensures best & long lasting performance for countless joyrides.

Investing in Health

We create e-vehicles that suits your fitness needs so you can invest in better health & increased fitness.

Creating a Safer Environment

With each bike make & sell it weighs into our dream of creating pollution-free, safer environment for everyone.

Most of the models will plug right into your standard wall outlet,
making it extremely convenient to charge anywhere


Eco-Friendly Travelling

  • The best green transportation solution available in the world with a positive impact on the environment in more ways than one.

Increased Travel Time

  • Electrical assist gives the courage to go out and go at far distances while being fit without getting very tired.

Low-cost Maintenance

  • Sturdy designs & build that required minimum maintenance with easy to replace parts that allow personal maintenance.

Healthier Cycling

  • With longer bike rides train yourself for high endurance, metabolism & core muscle strength.

Economic Travelling

  • More economical than fuel-powered cars and motorcycles, and cheaper than buying an electrical vehicle for the city.

No CO2 Emission

  • An affordable means of reducing transport-related air-pollutants. Much lesser emission of air pollution & toxic air than any transportation.


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